Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ponderosa Falls RV Resort

We stayed here just west of Spokane, Washington for three nights, July 13 through July 15. We planned to check out lake properties in Coaer D Lene, Idaho while here, but just drove around the lake. We stopped for an ice cream cone and gave Buddy some exercise for about an hour on Lake Coaer D Lene. Properties here are very expensive, most over $1 million. We may just relax tomorrow at this campground. We had a challenge negotiating into our site here as there were many obsticales such as trees and cars in the way. We finally prevailed and we have a nice level site with full hookups and 50 amp service. I was dissappointed since the title of the campground led me to believe that this was on a river. As it turns out it has a manmade waterfall on the property. I might rename my house Mason Falls. It seems to be a nice quiet park in the trees and has nice facilities. I paid extra for the wifi and here I am at 11:30 PM updating my blog outside near check in area as it is not strong enough to use in my coach. I rate this park M***+.

Yellowstone National Park

On July 12 we wandered through our largest National Park. The fee is $25 per carload. Seniors can buy a pass for $10 for life entry in all National Parks. Since we have been here several times before, we just cruised through. We stopped at an alpine lake to let Buddy go for a swim. He needed a bath. It was close to the hiway so I kept his leash on. The water was fridged, but Buddy didn't seem to mind. Did not observe any large game such as bear, moose, or mountain lions; but did catch this Buffalo swimming accross a river. He walked out onto the street, stopped and shook off the water, looked at all the cars stopped to give us some pictures and went on his merry way. We spent the night at a federal campground called Moose Creek Campground. This was our first opportunity to have a campfire and roast some marshmello's this whole trip. We met a photographer on site who was touring the country taking pictures of nature. There was a fast moving river flowing alongside the campground. We had a large pull through site which was not very level and had no facilities except a chemical toilet. But we had plenty of room between our neighbors. I rate this campground F***.

Buffalo Bill Dam

This is the tallest dam in the United States and drops into the Stinky river, renamed to Shoshone river in 1946. It has a strong sulfur odor, hense its previous name. I did not notice the smell though. This large round ball was used to stop the flow of water to the dam when work was being done.

Ponderosa Campground

We arrived here in Cody, Wyoming on July 9 for 3 nights. We toured Buffalo Bill Historical Museum one day. Toured Buffalo Bill Dam one day which is the tallest dam in the country. We also visited Cody's original town with all the old buildings from that period. Afterward, we did some window shopping in town on Sunday which was a mistake since most shops close on Sunday here. The campground was fine but a little pricey at $40 per night with my goodsam discount. We had a level pull through site with full hookups and 50 amp service. Most people used this stop for home base for Yellowstone National Park. There is a Walmart in town which was full of RV's parking for free. I rate this park P***+. This was a picture of a horse drawn carriage used to tour up to 11 people through Yellowstone National Park up until 1917 when cars were more popular. It took 5 to 6 days and cost $35 to $50 dollars which was all inclusive; food, lodging, and transportation.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Royal Gorge Route Railroad

Joanie & Aggie took this 2 hour train ride along the Arkansas river. They observed rafters riding the rapids along the Royal Gorge. This bridge you can walk across. (Scarrrrrrry)

Bishop's Castle

This very eccentric fellow has spent 40 years building this unusual castle all by himself. He hates any form of government. He happened to be there this day and was working placing stones into a wall he was building in front of the castle. He does not charge anything to tour the castle, but does have a donation box to help his cause. He was an engineer & metalsmith by trade. We climbed up a spiral staircase almost to the top of the smaller tower (Joanie went to the top). There were about 100 people roaming around this place while we were there. You won't find this in any travel book and he must not be concerned about any liability lawsuits as there were some very hazardous areas in this building. Joanie and Aggie were having some fun in his jail. The dragon actually exhales fire and smoke at times.


While kayaking in Frisco on Lake Dillon we came across these huge canadian geese. They must weigh in at 40 pounds. I wonder what they taste like? We also caught a glimps of this bald eagle and her nest.

Garden of the Gods

We arrived here on July 4 for 4 nights. This was a very nice park and was completely booked for the holiday. I am glad I made reservations. Our pull through site was not too level and was too close to our neighbors for my taste. However, it had full hookups with 50 amp service and a picnic table. Most sites had no grass and were 100 percent gravel. We did not spend much time here except to sleep and was a little pricey at $53.50 per night. I would rate this park P****. There is a lot to see from this location. There is the Garden of the Gods which is a park with natural red stone formations. Rock climbers like to scale the cliffs here. Pikes peak is close by in Manitou Springs. You can drive up this mountain or take a train to the peak from Manitou Springs. Cripple creek is also about an hour away where they have many gambling casino's. Since this is our third trip to Colorado Springs, we have visited these destinations in the past. We came here specifically to visit Aggie's sister Joanie and her husband John. We cruised up to Manitou Springs to observe their fireworks. The economy reduced the show to 15 minutes, but Aggie enjoyed walking around town and poking into shops. However, Joanie kept us busy. We visited Bishop's Castle (a separate post), went kayaking in Frisco on Dillon Lake, stopped in Breckenridge for lunch and watched these bicylists foraging this stream on their bikes. Joanie & Aggie took a train ride along the Royal Gorge and visited an Abby while I replaced a defective tire valve extention, went grocery shopping, and washed the car. John had to work, but we visited him in the evening and had 2 great meals at their home. Buddy was having a ball playing with their dog Daisy, a dalmation, and Buddy spent an overnight romping through their house and fenced yard. Joanie spend an overnight in our motorhome one night. After Joanie and Aggie barged into a family reunion party, we played a game of scrabble.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mid America Camp Inn

Arrived here on July 3 at Goodland, Kansas. I rate this park P***. We had 30 amp electric plus water & sewer on a level pull through site. Was not quite long enough for my rig but the owner gave me some caution cones since I was hanging into the street. This park has lighting speed internet. The fastest I have seen and it allowed me to catch up on the blog. At $29 a little pricy since it is located right next to a truck stop which we could park for free. Shortly after arrival a thunderstorm hit and check out this cloud formation.

Crossroads RV Park

On July 2 we stopped here to rest. Aggie was excited to see a tornado shelter as we are in tornado ally now. No reason to stay here except to sleep but it did have full hookups and a pull through. I paid $14 and was worth it and I rate the park M***.

Treasure Lake Resort

We arrived in Branson, Mo. on June 28 for 4 nights. This has been the best membership park we have visited. Great facilities such as pools, miniature golf, theater, lodge, and recreation room. This was truly a resort. Well maintained and the staff was very helpful. I rate this park M****. Our site was not level (had to use jacks), but had full hookups with 50 amp electric. We spent most of our free time here shopping for a waterfront lot. We did take Buddy for a good swim in Table Rock Lake though. Branson is beautiful! It is very hilly here and we love the trees. We did place an offer on this beautiful 1.2 acre lakeview lot on Table Rock Lake. It was located in a new development with underground utilities alread in place. We negotiated a great price on this lot, but could not agree upon some stipulations in the CCR's regarding use of our motorhome on the lot. What do you think of this view? We did manage to get in a show at the last minute. We saw the Shoji Tabuchi Show. A world known violin player. Check out the bathrooms in this place.

Graceland RV Park

Arrived here on June 26 for 2 nights. Aggie was in her glory here visiting Elvis. We stayed on Houndog lane and this park was attached to the Elvis entertainment complex. We toured his house, planes, cars, and a gauntlet of souvenier shops. Elvis is buried on his estate. This was a great park for Buddy as it had a great big park for him to get some exercise. I rate this park P****. Nice level pull through site with full hookups and 50 amp service. The wifi was really fast, but had no time for the blog. We paid $38 per night. We met some great people at this park. The first night, we went to dinner with a couple from Canada (Ed & Gayle). We took a pink cadillac limo to Marlowe's barbeque restaurant for a great pulled pork meal. Elvis was known to frequent this restaurant when he was alive. After dragging Aggie out of Elvis's house, we drove into Beale Street in Memphis. We listened to a great blues artist at BB Kings. Afterward, we wandered along the street listening to some street musicians and finally stopped for dinner at the Flying Fish. Aggie had shrimp and I ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell (yummy), and an order of frog legs.

Mammoth Cave Campground

Arrived here at Cave City, Kentucky on June 24 for 2 nights. We toured a cave for 2 hours. It was really hot outside (88 degrees & humid). You had to wear a jacket in the cave as the temperature was 52 degrees. There were many different tours as there were 400 miles of caves to explore here. We entered caves that were 60 feet high and other parts (Fat mans misery) where you had to almost crawl to pass. On some tours, they provide special clothes to slosh through wet passages. The guide was very informative and he turned off the lights for a few seconds to give us an idea of how dark it was in there. One camper was on tour the day before us and the whole group was stranded inside the cave with no lights for 45 minutes because the lights went out. E ticket ride! We attended an informative campground program on how to find your way out of a cave. The campground had no electric or water or sewer at the sites, and since we were surrounded by trees there was no satellite reception either. That all said, I rate this park F***. This was a pleasant place to camp.

Pricketts Creek Campground

Arrved here on June 23 for one night in Fairmount, W. Virginia. Had full hookups and 50 amp service. The site was level, but too close to our neighbor. The park advertised big rig friendly - not! I rate this park M**. Paid $14 cash as they do not accept credit cards. Ok to sleep, but could do that at Walmart for free. Would not return to this park.

Darian Lakes State Park

Stopped here to visit Ed & Cindy my uncle & aunt in West Seneca, N. Y. We also extended our stay to visit my cousin Larry and his wife Marie and his mother Dorothy. I rate the park F***. It was a beautilul park and our site was level. Only 50 amp electric at our site. Water & dump station was available at another location. Our nightly fee was $29. The firefly's were awsome. The trees were lit up like fireworks at night with them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Newburyport, Mass.

On June 13, we took a trip with Bob, Aggie's brother to Newburyport, Mass. This is a quaint waterfront village located on the northernmost part of the state. We had lunch at Stella's on Middle Street which Bob & Aggie went last year on an overnight trip. Aggie & Bob shopped this antique swap meet while I tended to Buddy.

Wampatuck State Park

Arrived here on June 9 and plan on staying here to visit our Boston family until June 20 when we start our journey east. We traveled through six states on one day and spent $77 on toll roads on interstate 95. The George Washington Bridge in New York was the pitts. We waited over an hour to pay our $32 toll to cross this broken down bridge. All trucks were mandated to cross the bridge as they also have a tunnel which will not accomodate large vehicles. The lanes were so narrow, that one trucker decided, smartly, not to pass me on the left lane. I have seen smoother county dirt roads. I would not recommend taking the interstate 95 again.
This is a very nice park nestled into thick forest. They cut just enough trees to navigate into each site. This is the first campground we have stayed which only had 20 amp electric. I would not try using air conditioning here without using the generator. We tripped the breaker just making breakfast with the toaster and coffee pot on. Fortunately the previous owners had an unused 30 to 20 adapter so I could get access to electric. We are here for 11 days so we will have to move the rig to dump and restock our water supply once while we are here. We are in a nice level space and except for week ends we almost have this campground to ourselves. (very quiet) Camping here is $17 per night and I rate this park F***. We are located in Hingham, Mass., an upscale city just south of Boston with very large old stately homes on huge 1 plus acre lots.

We have been very busy visiting family and cruising old stomping grounds like the Boston Common, Nantasket Beach, and Castle Island. We did take a day trip to an arboretum with over 3000 species of plants and trees from all around the globe. This 265 acre park is maintained by Harvard University and the city of Boston. Buddy has been enjoying his long walks wherever we go. We also brought him to a vet to get updated with shots and physical. He is also scheduled to go to a dog groomer and get his bath and trim.

Bar Harbor RV Park

May 7 we slept in a Walmart parking lot since the campgrounds in Mertle Beach, N.C. wanted $67 per night. We had a late supper at a Cracker Barrell Restaurant at 9:30 PM and restocked the fridge at Walmart the next morning. On May 8 we stayed at this pleasant park on the water in Abingdon, Maryland. Didn't make much time on the road as we spent a good deal of time tied up in traffic in Washington DC. Not a lot of fun with the motorhome. We had a nice level pull through site with full hookups and sewer. Had a great view of the water and did not have to detach the Tahoe. Our site was $47 less 5% for cash. I would rate this park P****. There was a boat ramp