Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

We arrived here in Jefferson Township, N. J.  on June 28 to visit Aggie's sister Joanie, her brother Bob, and her husband John for 5 days.  Our site was relatively level, but I did put pads on one side to level because my jacks were not usable as they were off a small hill.  A very heavily treed campground, you could hardly see your RV neighbors.  I did not even try satellite reception, but was able to get over the air TV and we also had cell reception.  There are not many campsites in this park and not much recreation other than camping without fire rings and there were several hiking trails.  It was very quiet here and bear territory.  We had 50 amp electric and water, but no sewer.  There was a dump site on the property.  We paid $20 per night.  I rate this park P***.

Shortly after we parked I decided to pull our RV forward to level rig on pads, but the engine did not start.  Long story short, after spending the day waiting for a service tech, we now have a new starter and we are $1160 poorer.   I think I will ask my boss for a raise.  I guess 13 years on a starter isn't too bad and at least we were not sitting on the side of the freeway with trucks speeding by at 70 MPH like we were a week ago in Oklahoma with a blown tire.

You need a GPS to get around this area as we needed to change major highways like 6 times to get anywhere.  We did go to Wawayanda State Park one day and Joanie and I kayaked the lake.  It was a little breezy on the Lake and many stratocumulus clouds forming in the area.  We packed up just before a little sprinkle came down.  Buddy did go for two swims while there and enjoyed company of Joanie's Labrador Retriever, Maggie.

One night we went to Weequahic Park in Newark N. J.  to attend a free outdoor concert and fireworks.  The band had 3 female vocalists, one male vocalist, 2 saxaphonists, 2 guatarist, a drummer, and keyboard.  We really enjoyed the the Soul music which dated back to the 60's.  They had a police command center set up and many police officers patrolling the event.  I guess they expected a larger crowd as a news station was there taking video's and only about 300 spectators.

Washington D C

We took the Washington Metro train into Washington D C two days during our stay in Reston, Va.  The first day we visited several museums; all of which were FREE, our taxpayer dollars at work.  We also visited the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, and the White House.  Lots of security around the White House where our president resides.  We must have walked at least 10 miles this day and I for one was feeling my age.  I would have chomped down a few Motrin, but I settled for a cold beer from a local brewery called Loose Cannon with our dinner in town before our trek back to our RV in Reston.  This could be my favorite beer and I stocked my fridge with a six pack before we headed for New Jersey.  There is a tour bus that you can hop off and on at all attractions throughout the city which seemed like a great idea.  I don't know how much it costs, but it would be well worth it's cost if we choose to visit here again.  There are many museums here and you could devote a full day to each one.
The second day we dedicated to one museum,

The International Spy Museum.  We paid $16 each after a $5 senior discount to enter this museum.  There are also some other optional add on's that we chose not to purchase.  We did spend at least 3 hours touring this museum and enjoyed it.

Lake Fairfax Campground

We arrived here on June 24 for 4 nights to visit Washington D C.  There are not many campgrounds in the area and the few here are pricey.  This park is a very large county park, located in Reston, Va.;  with a great water park for the kids and adults alike with water falls, water slides, and a man made river where you can raft on provided innertube's.  There is also a lake on the property where you can rent paddle boats; or for a fee of $5 launch your own kayak.  There was no swimming in the lake, but I noticed several people fishing.  Our site was level and quite nice with trimmed grass surrounding the campground.  Campsites here are either primitive or electric only.  We had 50 amp service and there was also a dump station with fresh water provided at a central location by the bath house.  There was also 20 miles of hiking trails throughout the park.  We were located about 2 miles from the Washington Metro Train Station and we used to commute about 20 miles into Washington DC on two separate days.  Our campsite was $40 per night after a $5 discount for seniors.  We had good cell service, TV over the air and I was able to get dish satellite reception for the first time on this trip.  Plenty of shopping nearby and the catholic church was located just outside the park.  I rate this park P****.