Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fallen Leaf Campground

We arrived here about 2:30 PM on Sunday, August14.  Our favorite place on earth - Lake Tahoe.  We reserved site 42 for one week.  We finally signed our papers for the refi on our home that we started before we left home in Riverside.  We met our good friends Kathy and Grant Stephens here for a couple days.  No satellite reception from this site and cell reception was spotty, but I was able to get 2 channels over the air for our TV.  We are heading south to Manteca tomorrow for one night to dump tanks and refill water as we will head to Morrow Beach for 4 days of dry camping before we head towards home.  I could not kayak down the Truckee River as it was very low, but I did manage to take out the kayak on Fallen Leaf Lake for a couple of hours one day and I went for a short swim in the lake.  The water was unusually warm, maybe 70 degrees.  Lake Tahoe is low again this year as it was last year.  We took our usual 88 mile ride around the lake one day and went out for Mexican food at Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant.  Tonight we will go out for a sub at Subway and then to mass,  and then

go out for a Cold Stone ice cream.  I also donated $100 at the poker tables.  I do miss taking our boat out on this lake though.  We went to a concert  at the Vahalla to see a country singer, Rita Hoskins and three piece band.  They were quite good and Aggie and I got the last 2 tickets as it was a sold out event.  I have rated this campground before so it has not changed F****.

Bend, Oregon

We headed south to Bend, Oregon to visit our friends Chris & Gary Jewell.  They have a beautiful home on ten acres just outside of town.  We stayed there for 3 days where they had full hookups and camping was FREE.  The weather was beautiful with temps in the high 80’s every day and clear skies.  We went for a 4 mile hike along the Deschutes River one day where Buddy went for several much needed swims along with their dog Red.  We also went out for breakfast one day and had a great 3 course meal at Anthony’s, a local seafood restaurant on the Deschutes river.  We dined on the patio while listening to the concert going on across the river.  We feasted on fresh vegetables from their garden daily and Chris and Gary sent us off with some fresh eggs from their chickens.  Yummy!!!  What can I say; Good Food, Good times, and Great company.

Merrill Campground

This campground is located in Susanville, Ca.   We stayed here one night to empty our

holding tanks and refill water before our one week dry camping in Lake Tahoe.  We have stayed here before and it does not get any better than this for a federal park.  We had full hookups with 50 amp electric, water, and sewer at our site.  The sites were level and heavily treed in the forest along a large lake (Eagle Lake).  The sites are long and wide with picnic table and fire pit.  I was not able to get satellite reception from our site.  All sites are $20 less 50% for senior pass.  You add $5 for electric, $5 for water, and $5 for sewer.  They had dry camping spots, spots with water and electric and full hookup sites.  They accept reservations, but we were able to get one for one night.  We paid $25 per night for ours and we needed to wash some laundry in our motor home while here.  There is also a dump site for dry campers.  I rate this campground F*****.

Jantzen Beach RV Park

We arrived here at Jantzen Beach RV Park located on Hayden Island in Portland, Oregon on August 2 and will be here for 8 days to visit our son Matt and our granddaughter Danika.  Our site had full hookups including 50 amp electric, water, and sewer.  Our site was relatively level, but very tight.  We did have cellular reception and satellite reception.  As in most RV parks I have visited the wifi was unusable.  Many full time residents in this park, which was fine as the park was well maintained except the trash dumpsters seemed to be always full.  We paid about $29 per night with good sam discount.  I rate this park P***.

Matt only worked 3 days while we visited, one of which was the day we arrived.  So we got to spend some quality time with him and Danika.  We drove down to Coos Bay to pick up Danika on August 3 which was an 8 hour round trip excursion.  Matt does this every weekend.  We visited the Oregon Science Museum one day which was set up for children.  Danika ran from one venue to the other the whole time we were there.  I think she enjoyed the sand box the best.  One day we visited a train museum and that was interesting with old steam powered trains from the late 1800’s.  We took Danika and Buddy to a park one day where Buddy played with other dogs and got in a good unleashed run.  Danika played with some other children on slides and swings.  We also went to Battleground State Park where Damika and Buddy went for a swim in the river.  It was quite low though and we had some snacks before heading to Joe’s Crab Shack, a seafood restaurant on the Columbia River.  Matt & I shared a bucket of lobster, crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob and washed it down with some local craft beers.  Danika opted for mac and cheese (go figure) and Aggie had halibut.  We also went to a park to play miniature golf and Matt and Danika also drove some inter tubes that squirted water at other riders.  It was very warm out and they dried out pretty quickly.

The motor home got a much needed wash and wax, and I repaired our tow hitch as the rubberr covers that protect the bars had cracked, which left one side unprotected from the elements.  We had a couple overcast days while we were there but just a little rain.  Most days were sunny and warm in the upper 80’s and 90’s

Columbia River

We spent the night along the Columbia River in Oregon for a free night of parking.  We stayed here last year and it was quite nice.  The grass was brown and trees needed trimming but we got our money’s worth.  I managed to catch the last available spot which would accommodate our 65 foot length.  Could not get satellite reception due to the trees and the wind picked up to a sustained 30 mph winds and lasted all night long.  There were white caps on the river.  I did manage to go for a swim in the river as did Buddy.  There were trash bins, a boat ramp and rest rooms here.  I rate this parking area P****.

While walking the dog the following morning, we noticed the trailer parked behind us had an open door flapping in the wind and a rolled up blanket that looked like something was under it.  There was a foul odor coming from the area and Aggie and I thought there may be a dead body or animal beneath the blanket.  I called the local ranger who came out quickly in about 10 minutes.  He inspected the blanket and inside the RV and found no bodies or inhabitants.  He suspected the odor was from rotten fish.  He referred the incident to the tribal police who patrol this area.

Our journey continued toward Portland to see our son Matt and granddaughter Danika.  We hit a strong headwind which resulted in reducing our speed to stay on the road.  The wind was blowing our 38000 pound  rig all over the road.  We did arrive safely at Jantzen Beach.